Jelly Art

Jelly Art, also know as Gelatin Art, flowers made in class.

Castlemakers will be offering a Jelly Art class, taught by Weiwei Chao, on Wednesday 9/15 from 6-9 pm at the makerspace.

Jelly Art (sometimes called Gelatin Art) is made from a high quality gelatin with a few extra ingredients. Edible and colored liquids are injected in a clear gelatin base to create an artistic design, often flowers and leaves, to create an extremely impressive edible dessert. It is currently very popular to make these in Asia.

For this class Ms. Chao will lead participants through the process of making one of these beautiful creations that you will be able to take home with you. The $40 cost for the 3 hour class includes everything you need to make your own design. Please see the ingredient list below before signing up for the class in case you have an allergy to anything used in the flowers you will be making.

Interest in this class is high, especially at this special price, reservations will be needed to prepare and purchase some of the materials for the class. Please send an email to if you wish to attend.

Taiwanese made Konjac Jelly (Japanese vegetable jelly), Coconut cream, sugar, water, Butterfly pea flower powder, turmeric powder, purple sweet potato powder, Red yeast from rice, strawberry powder, green tea powder (Matcha).

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