Learning at Castlemakers

Laser Engraving/ Cutting Class
Laser Engraving/ Cutting Class

Castlemakers offers classes to the general public, sometimes with a modest charge, so you can learn new things and technologies and also to help satisfy that inner desire to make something. Registering for these classes really helps us out so we can make sure there’s enough equipment and components for the class.

We also offer other learning opportunities which are listed on our events webpage and included in our newsletter.

Upcoming Classes

Our next class will be an Advanced micro:bit Class. Please monitor the webpage for updates or subscribe to our newsletter.
Cost will be $20 and it will include a breakout board and other items you can use for additional functions and controls. If you’d like to pre-register or have more questions, please email us for more information or reservations at classes@castlemakers-dot-org. This class will require a micro:bit; use your own, one of ours, or we have a limited number of the PCMI/micro:bit kits available for purchase to class attendees.

Learning to Solder, is also on the upcoming class list please watch for the rescheduled date. Learn soldering by building a Jitterbug Robot which includes a motor, LED, and light sensor. The $15 cost includes the circuit board, parts, and battery – bring your own soldering iron or let us know and we’ll find you one to use. Email us for more information or reservations at classes@castlemakers-dot-org.

Have something you’re interested learning about? Have a skill you’d like to teach others? Let us know!