Learning at Castlemakers

Castlemakers offers classes to the general public, sometimes with a modest charge, so you can learn new things and to satisfy that inner desire to make something. Registering for these classes really helps us out so to make sure there’s enough equipment and components for class atttendees.

Upcoming Classes

Reservations are always encouraged; you can contact us at classes@castlemakers-dot-org or stop by the makerspace. You can also subscribe to our monthly events newsletter to get the information by email.

Have something you’re interested learning about? Have a skill you’d like to teach others? Let us know (info at castlemakers.org)!

Last updated on 6/1/23

Previous Classes


Participants made holiday ornaments on December 1st in our Intro to Laser Cutting / Engraving class.

A learning to solder class was held on November 16th where participants made a jitterbug robot.

November 1st you could have learned about using a Raspberry Pi to make a Pi-hole.

Introduction to Tinkercad & 3D Printing class was on October 26th.

October 22nd we had an Intro to Welding class.

August 3rd we had an Overview of Solar Systems class.

July 21st we had an Intro to 3D Printing class.

May 12th we offered a class on using 3D Printing Slicers.

April 23rd we offered an Intro to Tinkercad / 3D printing class.

March 30th we offered learning to solder class where you could have made a Jitterbug Robot that lights up and starts moving in the dark.

Our March 3rd class was about learning Computer-Aided Design (CAD) using Fusion 360.

January 26th we had a workshop on using PVWatts to determine the solar potential at your location.

January 13th you could have learned the about basics of desktop CNC’s by making a small nametag.


December 5th we had an Intro to Laser Cutting class to make holiday ornaments.

November 10th we had an introductory class in using Cricut electronic cutters where people made holiday bags & gift cards.

September 15th we had a Jelly Art class where participants made edible flowers in clear food grade gelatin.

On September 9th we covered how to use PVWatts to perform a solar assessment for your home or business.

July 14th attendees learned about Solar Energy & Photovoltaic Systems.

July 8th we did our Intro to 3D Printing class where participants learned how 3D printing works, then designed a pendant that we helped them print using one of our 3D printers.

On June 24th in the Intro to CNC class, participants got to design their own wooden nametag and then make it with our desktop CNC.

On May 1st we had an Advanced micro:bit class where participants got to explore interfacing with the device to control motors & LEDs, get input from other sensors, and how to use it as an Internet of Things device.

April 17th we had an Intro to the micro:bit class at Castlemakers where people learned about and programmed this low cost, pocket sized computer that’s loaded with sensors.

February 20th we had an Introduction to Laser Cutting & Engraving class. Participants learned about how CO2 lasers work, designed a nametag which was cut and engraved out and they took home.

On January 23rd we had an Introduction to 3D Printing class at Castlemakers. where we gave an overview of 3D printing, then participants designed a small object they printed out.

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