Learning at Castlemakers

Laser Engraving/ Cutting Class
Laser Engraving/ Cutting Class

Castlemakers offers classes to the general public, sometimes with a modest charge, so you can learn new things and technologies and also to help satisfy that inner desire to make something. We do ask that you register for these classes so we can make sure we have enough equipment and components for the particular class.

We also offer other learning opportunities which are listed on our events webpage and included in our newsletter.

Upcoming Classes

Newspapers were used to quickly smoke/smell if a soldering iron is on the table.
Newspapers will quickly smoke/smell if a soldering iron is on the table.
  • On Wednesday March 20th starting at  6:30 pm you can learn how to solder electronic circuits. Using a soldering iron, you’ll get to put together an European siren kit and then it take home.

No experience is necessary and the class is designed for teenagers and adults. Cost is $20 and it includes the parts for the electronic kit and manual. Space is limited, email us for reservations or more information at classes@castlemakers-dot-org.

Our next class will be on using a desktop CNC to make a miniature box.

Have something you’re interested learning about? Have a skill you’d like to teach others? Let us know!

Previous Classes

  • February 9th people learned about designing parts and using a CO2 laser engraver/cutter. We saw some great keychains made and even a red acrylic heart shaped pendant!
  • December 8th people learned how to use Tinkercad to create a 3D holiday ornament design, then printed it out to take home.
  • November 19th we offered a class on Linux, the most used operating system software in the world.
  • October 25th we covered creating 3D objects using photogrammetry. By using pictures and even video demonstrated how to create 3D objects that can be viewed, printed, or used in other software programs including gaming. We even showed how it was used at a Roman archaeological dig in Italy!
  • September 20th we covered Tinkercad in depth, exploring not only some of it’s more advanced features but also how it can be used for circuit simulation and coding software.
  • August 23rd participants learned about using a desktop CNC with MeshCAM, a program that creates gcode for 3D designs and can even use a photo to create machine code for a 3D object.
  • July 19th in our Lasercutting Design class folks learned about Laser engravers/cutters and the workflow to produce actual parts. They then saw how the part they designed was made on the lasercutter.
  • On June 21rst we had an Intro to 3D Printing Design class that covered design considerations when making parts to be 3D printed.
  • On May 24th we had a 3D design using Fusion 360, a powerful CAD program, where folks learned the basics of 3D design and preparing your design for 3D printing or Computer Numeric Control (CNC) milling.
  • On April 26th in our Internet of Things (IoT) class people learned about IoT & built/used an ESP8266 like circuit to collect and view remote temperature data.
  • On March 15th we offered an Introduction to Lasercutting, which was a sellout! Besides covering what a CO2 lasercutter can do, participants designed a part with Inkscape that they ‘lased,’
  • On February 22nd, we did an Introduction to 3D Printing class. Attendees after learning about different forms of 3D printing, designed a small part that was printed out to take home.
  • On January 25th we did an Intro to Desktop CNC. People designed a name plate that they engraved or cut with aluminum on our Nomad 833  CNC machine.
  • On December 7, 2017, we had an Introduction to Electronic Cutters/Drawing Machines (i.e. Cricut or Silhouette).  In the two hour class students got to make a holiday item (a card or decoration) and take it home.
  • In our October 25th class we covered the basics of 3D printing software and then created a Halloween themed 3D object in Tinkercad that we printed for them.
  • On Wednesday September 20th class participants designed an acrylic keychain in Inkscape and then used our 50 watt laser cutter to make it.
  • Learning to Program Arduinos was on Tuesday August 29th, from 7-8:30 pm. Folks learned about Arduinos with a special emphasis upon sensors. They learned the basics of an Adafruit Circuit Playground and then programmed one to use some of the sensors, including the accelerometer, light, and sound sensors of this Arduino based module.
  • Intro to 3D Printing Design was on Saturday July 8th. In the class people created a custom designed ring for their finger then added something they made on top of it. It was a great introduction to TinkerCAD that they printed and took home.
  • Learning to Solder was offered on Saturday May 20th. Attendees built an LED Chaser which is sometime called a Larson Scanner (think KITT & Cylons).