Pumpkin Catapult / Trebuchet

There seems to be interest in doing a bigger catapult & we do have a lot of 4×4’s – will update this webpage with links & pictures as a plan develops.

Bigger Trebuchet design:

We’re looking into a combination of one of these:

  • Ten foot tall trebuchet that uses mostly 4×4’s, claims a 6# rock 140′, but uses 220 lbs. of counterweight.
  • 6′ tall 2×4 design that should fit in a garage (needs new link).
  • Should we add a floating arm to our trebuchet design? Check out this video – bowling ball warm-ups before the pumpkin launch!

This also may help us, an online trebuchet design/simulator tool. And if you need a sketchup for 3D work, you can download a copy for free if you select for personal use.

Catapults we’ve made

Depauw Pinky Pie group test launch
The first group ‘Quick & Easy’ tabletop catapult test launch of a racquet ball.
  • Simple torsion design that uses 2×4′ s. See below for more on torsional catapults.
  • And of course the classic craft stick catapults multiple times with younger kids.

Torsional Catapult

Measuring for cuts on torsional catapult frame.
Measuring for cuts on torsional catapult frame.

Websites with Torsional Catapult suggestions:

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