Pumpkin Catapult / Trebuchet

Basic idea page for now, will update with the team work as it develops.

Catapults we’re making

Depauw Pinky Pie group test launch
The first group ‘Quick & Easy’ tabletop catapult test launch of a racquet ball.
  • Simple torsion design that uses 2×4′ s.See below for more on torsional catapults.

Bigger Trebuchet design:

We’re looking into a combination of one of these:

This also may help us, an online trebuchet design/simulator tool. And if you need a sketchup for 3D work, you can download a copy for free if you select for personal use.

Torsional Catapult

Measuring for cuts on torsional catapult frame.
Measuring for cuts on torsional catapult frame.

Websites with Torsional Catapult suggestions:



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