Shovercraft Demo This Saturday!

The Castlemaker’s Shovercraft showing/demo Shovercraft under construction
will be this Saturday (8/30) at the Greencastle Farmer’s Market on the square in Downtown Greencastle. These leaf blower powered hovercraft, built by our 9-11 year old Putnam county participants, will be on display a good portion of the morning – so stop by! We’ll fire a few up around 9:30 before the music at the Farmer’s Market starts at 10 am.

prototype hover!

These hovercraft are being called them Shovercraft because they only have a hovering fan, not propulsion , so they have have to be shoved. Well and part of the upcoming competition will be landing the craft on a shuffleboard for points. I’m sure we’ll give demos several other times this Saturday, the kids are pretty excited about their craft. Look for us on Franklin street portion of the Market from 9-11 am Saturday.

The project update page can’t keeping up w/ flurry of activity this week, but there are some photos and a video of the work-in-progress so far.

Regional Maker & Robotics Events

Bloominglabs, a makerspace in Bloomington Indiana, has their Makevention this coming Saturday, August 30th, from 10 am to 4 pm. It’s at the Bloomington, Indiana convention center and you can read more about the event here:

Last year they had FIRST & the FIRST Lego League robotics equipment there, it looks like the local high school team at least has a booth this year. Should be a good opportunity to see some interesting maker projects and if you’re interested in robotics get a feel for what’s involved in fielding a FIRST robotics team.

I’m working on Making speaker series this fall to start in October in Putnam County. The first topic will be on the different robotics team competitions – including have our local VEX robotics team speak about what they’re doing.

There’s also an upcoming Robotics Encounter down in Scottsburg Indiana for kids in grades 3-12  on September 27th. It’s sponsored by the local 4H/ Purdue Extension office down there, but out-of-towners are encouraged for the 10 am to 3 pm workshop. You can read more about it in the flyer or call the Floyd County Extension office at 812.948.5470.

Shovercraft Update

Our hovercraft teams have been hard at work & we’ve got a 4th team that will be joining us at the upcoming event. Several teams now have prototype shovercrafts running, there are links off the project page. Our public showing/competition will be at the Greencastle Farmer’s Market in late August.

Quick reminder for the shovercraft teams that we’ll be meeting as a whole group again Wednesday August 13th, 7 pm, at the Southside Community Center (605 Crown Street).