Putt PUTnam County

2018 Putt Putnam County Mini Golf

Fore our 3rd Annual mini-golf building competition we’re going to continue the tradition we started last year and have the hole  competition at Greencastle’s First Friday downtown! We’re planning to line the sidewalks again with mini-golf holes on Franklin Street in front of Castlemakers October 5th from 5:30-7:30 pm.

The event started in 2016 as a miniature golf course building competition for youth, which we held at the Putnam County Public Library. We ended up with 7 holes built by groups of 3-5 people per team, along with a mentor to help the younger groups.  In 2017 we still have the youth built mini-golf holes, but it was open to anyone and you didn’t need enter the competition to display a mini-golf hole.

The guidelines for 2018 will be released in July or early August, in the meantime you can download the 2017 mini-golf hole guidelines. The basic platform size should remain the same (3′ by 7′), again there will be more information released soon.  You can also read about the previous competition in this 2016 blog post and this one in 2017.

2016 Picture Highights

This hole won best Putnam County themed hole, even though the moving covered bridge didn't get completed.
Last year’s competition at the Putnam County Library.
Platform construction working into the night.
Platform construction work out in back of the makerspace
Second team works on layout at the makerspace, while another team admires the "zombie fish" being printed for Halloween.
Second team works on layout, while others admire the “Frankenstein Light Switch” being 3D printed for Halloween.
DePauw student team start building their miniature golf hole.
DePauw student team starts building their miniature golf hole.
"The Space" team celebrates completion of their asteroid belt.
“The Space” team celebrates completion of their asteroid belt.