Upcoming Spring Fest

One of the goals of this blog is to help let folks in the Putnam County Indiana area find out about STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) experiences and learning opportunities in the area – for both young and old. You may have missed the Rube Goldberg competition at Purdue less than an hour north of Greencastle a few weeks ago – it wasn’t publicized very well but fun to watch for those that made it.

There’s another upcoming opportunity on April 12 & 13 at Purdue, their annual Spring Fest. If you’re into insects, I’ve heard it’s not to be missed but it’s much more than that. Free and targeted at families & children of all ages, it’s has lots of hands-on learning from many of the different science and engineering colleges at Purdue. Their flyer perhaps describes it best.

One special event this year not mentioned in the flyer will be a reunion Saturday night of NASA astronauts that graduated from Purdue at 7pm Saturday night. Eight astronauts are listed for the event currently! Many years ago while at the Osh Gosh airshow I walked into a session where they had an astronaut from each Apollo mission telling stories about their trip – one of the most amazing lectures I’ve ever heard. If it’s anything like that you won’t want to miss it!!

BTW, in case you’re into Rube Goldberg contraptions there’s some info on the Rube Goldber website about the competitions, turns out they have high school teams competitions besides the┬ácollegiate level events.

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