coderdojologo Our next meeting will be Saturday October 7th from 1-4pm. NOTE: The September meeting had to be cancelled due to other commitments.

castlemakersdojoWhat happens at a CoderDojo? Learn to code, build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal environment. With our Raspberry Pi’s, micro:bit’s, and other components you can even learn about coding hardware. No experience is necessary, just bring an idea or we can give you some. We’ll have laptops & Chromebooks, or bring your own!

CoderDojo mini-golf hole with launch pad.
CoderDojo mini-golf hole with launch pad.
Some examples of projects? PuttCode, where youth built and programmed a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot to drop a golf ball in a mini-golf hole was on display at the September Greencastle Farmer’s Market. We’ve had kids that have won trophy’s all three years at the Indiana CoderDojo Hackathon in Indianapolis!
Robot February meeting, Scratch like programming language.
Robot wandering around Castlemakers that kids programmed with a Scratch like programming language.
But you don’t have to be experienced to attend. We’ll help you learn coding and the emphasis is upon what the kids are interested in! Create an app or game, building a website, coding or we even have lessons and projects to work on. For example Evie, who’s in 4th grade, built a text adventure game that you can play online. Michael, who is older, is working on his 3D game world using Blender & the Unity game engine. He’s also wants to teach other kids how to use Unity to create games! You can read more about the CoderDojo by reading this blog post and the main CoderDojo website. You can also contact us or sign up for our monthly events email.

Last updated on 9/6/23.

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