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Castlemakers, Inc. is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit group dedicated to creating an innovative community of makers who promote and encourage scientific and creative skills through building projects, education, mentorship, sharing, and relationships with other organizations.

Our physical Makerspace is located at 19 E. Franklin St. in Greencastle, Indiana. But it’s really about the people that give their time to give back to the community. Stop by (Open Shop times at the Makerspace are listed on the events page), browse our website, or contact us if you want to know more!

Helping Our Cause

Want to find out more? Help us with our cause? Please volunteer by attending one of our meetings, email us, or consider a donation.

Castlemakers Knights (Board of Directors)

Chris-Hebb-kinect-3d-PhotoChris Hebb (President) has been interested in getting a makerspace started in Greencastle since late 2012 and also enjoys Robotics competitions. He is a long time hacker and ‘maker’ with too many hobbies & not enough time. His current interests include 3D printing, CNC’s, photogrammetry, and space satellite reception. It was a little too warm last year to finish the snow maker using an air compressor/power washer, but there’s always this coming winter…

Brian Howard (Vice-President) is a computer science associate professor at DePauw University with experience in computer graphics, music, programming, & mathematics. He’s taught both adults and kids about programming, math, and handbells.

Matt McClelland (Treasurer) is the Putnam County Public Library Director.

Ian Girvan (Secretary) is a programmer in Crawfordsville, Indiana. 

Last updated on 3/15/24.


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15 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hello,

    I am currently working with Indiana State University to facilitate a regional network for West Central Indiana. The network has four pillars, economic analysis, education and workforce training, engagement and entrepreneurship. Ken Eitel introduced me to the Castlemakers at a recent meeting and I would like to know more about your group and invite you to learn more about the West Central Indiana Leadership Alliance and our efforts.

    1. Christine, would love to fill you in on what we’re doing and find out more about the West Central Indiana Leadership Alliance. Right now, with our focus on youth, I believe we’re building at least interest and hopefully skills for the future workforce. We’re starting with a younger crowd, but there seems to be community interest too around teaching and passing on the some of the skills that our current educational system doesn’t have the resources to address anymore.

      And with the new personal fabrication tools that are available, there are people of all ages that are interested in trying them out and exploring creative applications of the new tools. Our longer term goal is mixing the youth that seems to accept the new technologies naturally and learn so quickly, with the people that have ideas that they aren’t quite sure how to make happen. That mix will hopefully spur new innovation in our community.

      I’ll contact you directly to fill you in more about what we’re doing and learn more about the Alliance. – Chris

  2. hi, just read about you guys in the newspaper and my son is teaching himself java. is there someone available to help him with java? we are looking forward to coming to the next meeting.

    have a most wonderful day


  3. Do you have any intentions of getting a woodturning lathe? I would be THRILLED to pay a monthly fee for access to a lathe! Thank you.

    1. We’re in the process of filling out our tools/workshop area. Right now there’s been been mainly requests for a CNC machine which would work with wood, so that’s likely the next item. We appreciate the input, perhaps you could help us figure out if/how a lathe would fit in our space best – please stop by sometime & you might be able to help us with suggestions, our goal is to offer what folks want/need!

  4. Dear Castlemakers, I was wondering if you would go to the Indiana First Lego League Semi-State contest which will happen on December 10th at sometime around mid day. -from your friend Lian

    1. Thanks for letting us know Lian. Unfortunately we’ve got something else that day but we’ll be rooting for your team!
      I added the event to our webpage and if you let us know about upcoming events I’ll try to post them for you.

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