Castlemakers Offerings

Castlemakers encourages creativity and creativity in our community in three main ways:

  1. Castlemakers Kids offers youth exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math (STEAM) opportunities through making things and seeing how tools and technologies operate. These meetings and projects are offered at no charge, although your donations to Castlemakers help us with material costs for the projects that the kids are provided. The makerspace gives us a place to house needed resources like the internet and computers, along with a location where equipment and tools are used to build things.
  2. The makerspace location houses traditional and new technology tools and equipment to build things. We have ‘open shop’ times for the public to work on projects and to talk and learn to from others. The Makerspace has tools & equipment (see our equipment page for a sample listing), high speed internet, a DIY (Do It Yourself)/making things library. And is just a cool place to hang out to meet interesting people who like to build things. Castlemakers espresso machine training available or Starbucks is only a block away.
  3. Classes to the general public, for a modest charge, that offers the opportunity to learn a new skill or build something. Some will use the equipment in the makerspace. Please see our classes webpage for more details.


You can get 24/7 access to the makerspace and more benefits for less than $42/month! Membership gives you anytime access to the makerspace, use of the makerspace equipment (when trained for proper use), voting rights for future equipment, and other benefits. Class pricing varies, but there is a discounted rate for classes with annual membership to the makerspace.

We are also offering for a very limited time an introductory price of $200 for 6 months for first time members (with no voting rights & discounts for classes).  More details on our membership page.

Castlemakers Kids

Castlemakers Kids meetings and projects are free to all, although annual donations will help us continue to provide materials for engaging, hands-on building. Please consider a gift to help us continue to offer this service to the community at no charge.

Greencastle Indiana's Makerspace!