Castlemakers offers a membership option for those that want more than our free community events – it includes access to the equipment and our makerspace to work on your projects anytime day or night. Please note we are a community not-for-profit, so you can also contribute to our cause even if don’t want to be a member!

Membership includes:

  1. 24/7 access to work on projects when you want to. Be more productive by having a place to learn and work away from your home that has comfortable chairs, desks, fast internet, and free coffee!
  2. Use of the equipment at the makerspace. Note: some equipment, like the laser cutter/engraver, 3D printers, & CNC machine require training/equipment use signoff before you can use it unsupervised. See our list of equipment.
  3. Materials for projects like 3D printer filament, except those marked as personal or extra cost.
  4. Access to the DIY/maker library that has valuable resources to help you in creating things including hardware and software projects.
  5. Access to our online collaborative workspace to share information & files with other members.
  6. Discounted/free classes and events (annual membership).
  7. A vote/voice in future equipment purchases (yearly membership only).

Membership is about $40/month if you sign up on an annual basis. Special for new members: we have a one time $200/6 month option for first time members. Membership is also offered monthly ($50), every 6 months ($275), or sign up for a year ($500 total) which can be paid quarterly for $125/every three months. Talk to an officer or you can pay for your membership with this form.

For now you must be 18 to be a member, but members may bring in friends or family members with them. Please refer to the membership rules page.

Castlemakers reserves the right to refund unused membership fees for not following rules, policies and procedures that have been established at the makerspace.

Lasted updated by clh on 9/27/2021.

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