Putt Putnam County

2023 Putt Putnam County Mini Golf

The 2023 Putt Putnam County will be held on Friday, October 6th on Franklin Street from 6-8:30 pm during downtown Greencastle’s First Friday. Help us spread the word with this flyer and tell you friends! 

2018 Putt Putnam County looking down Franklin Street.

This family-oriented event is open to anyone in the community. It’s a great opportunity for your family, a group of friends or organizations in Putnam County to work together making a mini-golf hole.

The 2023 guidelines, basically the same as 2022, can be downloaded here.  We’re also glad to help you build a mini-golf hole or offer suggestions on how to build one. You can also read about last year’s event in a 2022 blog post and about previous years 2021, 20182017 and 2016 also. 

Picture from the 2016 Putt Putnam County at PCPL.

The event started in 2016 as a miniature golf course building competition for youth, which we held at the Putnam County Public Library. The original 7 holes were built in groups of 3-5 people per team, along with a mentor to help the younger groups. In 2017 it was open to everyone and we had the putt-offs on Franklin Street.

2019 Highlights

A local & crowd favorite, it was made with leftover baby doll head planter parts.
The mega:bit mini-golf hole that had a 20x sized micro:bit which was programmed to play a tune and count how many golf balls went into the hole.
Putnam County Public Library‘s Alice in Wonderland entry. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole!
ETA Mini-golf hole
ETA light-up mini-golf hole.

2018 Highlights

2017 Highlights

2016 Highlights

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