Indoor Castle(un)maker Meeting

things that we can tear apart to see what's inside
Come on, admit it!! You’ve always wanted to know what’s inside this stuff… and at our next meeting you can find out!

For our March 8th meeting we’ll be dismantling DVD players & chopping up Cuisinarts. Goal is to find out what’s inside electronic & mechanical devices, toys, and appliances.

We’ll be meeting at 605 Crown Street on Sunday March 8th at 2pm. Bring anything that you have a burning desire to find out how it’s made. Or to destroy (“deconstruct” for you food network folks out there).

Anyone is welcome to join us!

Note: 3/1 meeting has been cancelled due to the snow.

One thought on “Indoor Castle(un)maker Meeting”

  1. This may be a good day to check out the Camp Invention website and peruse the information for the upcoming Camp Invention event being held at TZ in June 15-19. There was a short mention about it in the GC school board minutes a couple of weeks ago. I worked as a camp instructor the last time it was held at Deer Meadow. The kids loved it, and we had a good turnout! Registration is now available, and I believe I saw a suggestion for early bird registration, saving $25 off of the total cost.

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