Making Ideas from Art

While you hear a lot about STEM, many in the Making community talk a  lot about STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math). Attend a Maker Faire or look at any Make magazine and you can’t help but notice how many artistic creations (how about an electric giraffe) are being made. Many of the same things shown at the bigger Maker Faires have also made appearances at Burning Man, arguably one of the most creative artistic community rituals that I’ve encountered.

Clay Sculpture by David Katz at Peeler
One of the traveling exhibits at Peeler Gallery.  This  temporary clay sculpture in 2014 by David Katz seemed to be attached to the walls.

A good Putnam County art resource is the Peeler Art Gallery on the DePauw campus. A lot of people forget about it and it’s open to the public for free. One of the current exhibits has some Andy Warhol photos and prints, but it changes every few months. If you look at this exhibit link read it very closely, summer hours are reduced from regular hours during the school year.  It’s not a huge gallery like IMA, but I’m always amazed at the quality of the exhibits at Peeler.

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